My Favorite Easter Book Ever

It might not look like much from the outside, but this is the most gorgeous Easter book in the entire world. 

Bunny's Easter Gift was written and illustrated by Bill and Bernard Martin, and published in 1948 by Tell-Well Press, Inc, in Kansas City, MO. Growing up, we had my mother's childhood printing in our house. The cover on hers was bright and colorful, and the fur on the bunny was soft like velvet. I was able to find my own book on Ebay several years ago, and it's a little beat up, but just as sweet.

The story is in rhyme, and begins early Easter morning with the Easter Bunny gathering and coloring eggs. (It's funny how some things stay with you from childhood: the color of the eggs below are still my favorite colors!)

Then the Easter Bunny meets ducklings and chicks who say they want to be Easter presents, too...

... and he gathers peppermint sticks and marshmallow puffs, and heads out to all the houses in town. 

(The text on most of the pages is surrounded by the sweetest illustrated borders, and I LOVE how deeply saturated the colors are.)

After the Easter Bunny scurries about town leaving eggs and treats everywhere, he arrives at the very last house to find he only has one egg left in his basket. 

He knows that won't do at all, but what else can he give?

He hears the children coming, so he hops into the nest, and the Easter Bunny himself is the gift.

So sweet!!!!!!

Easter Bunny's Gift isn't an easy book to find, but I recently spied one on Ebay, and I'm tempted to buy it because it has the colorful and fuzzy cover I know and love. There's also one on Amazon.