New: Lullaby Bookplates

It's coming up babies around here, is it just me? I feel like half of the people I know and love are having little ones; they're popping up like spring flowers! So I've been working on some new baby plates, and here's my favorite. This bookplate was adapted from a book published in 1934, and it definitely has a deco feeling to it, doesn't it? Find out more about them here.

Baby's Toys Vintage Bookplates

How cute is this little cherubic baby?

My mom was visiting the other day, and we were looking through my collection of vintage children's books (many of which she loved as a little girl, since a lot of them belonged to my grandparents before I inherited them) -- and as I was flipping through a falling-apart book from 1917, I found the sweetest picture on the last page I'd never seen before! Several hours later, and we have this new bookplate, above, in our shop. I love that the baby could be a boy or a girl, and it's the perfect baby shower present, isn't it?