A Couple of New Prints!

I am so in love with this new Vintage Peony print that I just might have to make one for myself! It was adapted from an illustration made in 1867, and funny enough, I'm reading Ron Chernow's Grant book, -- which is wonderful and I highly recommend -- and just realized this illustration was made during the time I'm reading about. Kind of bends the mind!

It's such a pretty print and would be at home in a nursery, office, or studio.

And I've also created a print of our adorable Forest Friends image. This was adapted from a beautiful and very large version of Aesop's fables printed in 1919, and it is the sweetest image, isn't it? And there are matching bookplates here.

New Prints!

Some beautiful new paper print designs just hit the shop... five to be exact, from some of our most popular bookplate designs. The Magnolia Print (above) is stunning!

Wynken Blynken & Nod Print (above left) and Night Owls Print (above right)...

Castle Print (above left) and Boy & Clouds Print (above right)... our print choices were pretty girl-centric until today, now we have more adorable choices for boys, too!