Art Crush: The Amazing Leonard Weisgard

I fell in love with Leonard Weisgard's illustrations when I was a little girl. It was wintertime, and the book was The Night Before Christmas. (Below)

The boxy houses! The wonky perspective! His work was magical and extreemly moody at the same time, and it won me over immediately.

The illustrations are cute, right? But there's also something else going on here, am I right? Leonard Weisgard went on to illustrate more than 300 books before his death in 2000.

His use of color and texture is amazing. He used a wide range of media in his illustrations, including gouache, poster paint, decoupage, crayon, chalk, and pen and ink.

"Books", he once said in an interview, "have always, for as long as I can recall, been a source of real magic in this wildly confusing world."

Who dreams of cheese? I do!

And I also dream of Leonard Weisgard's gorgeous art. For more information on his work, visit his website. There is also a huge collection of his images on Pinterest.